Buying trees from us

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Telephone: 01471 822 764

To enquire further please contact us for a quote and availability. To make sure that we can meet your requirements it may be useful to read the information below.

Customer Base

We can supply anyone from a single tree in a small garden to a housing developement or screening of sheds/gardens and general amenity trees. However one tree purchases can have a disproportionately high moving and planting cost due to the need for lifting and digging machinery.

Discounts are given at a rate of 10% for over 20 trees and 20% for over 40 trees

Price Range

Prices vary as the trees grow and are given as of December 2008

We currently have the following trees available: English Oak, Himalyan Birch, Silver Birch, Alder, Rowan, White poplar, Scots pine, Balsamic poplar, Sitka spruce, Cyprus Leylandi, Flowering cherry (3 varieties), Elm, Ash, Beach and Pampas Grass.

We charge 50 - 60 a tree

1 year old lavender plants are available for companion planting along with the trees for 3 per plant. These plants are popular as they are known to have a deterrent effect on deer.

PLEASE NOTE: Our trees in bags are not yet mature enough to be able to withstand the effects of high density grazing i.e in a field of cows or sheep. This is because the animals eat them and lean on them for scratching purposes and that is too much for them until they have had a few more years to grow bigger

Delivery and Planting

To maximise the benefits of the tree in bag method, lifting equipment, such as a digger or a Hiab is required to lift the trees into a hole in the ground. It is possible to remove the tree from the bag manually, however this can have a slowing effect on the growth of the tree.

We can arrange transportation to the site and planting for larger orders.

In cases where the ground is shallow the tree can remain in the bag on the surface.