Introducing Container Trees

These container trees or ‘ contained ` trees are a unique concept in tree management.

They are quite simply fine specimens of semi-mature trees planted in woven sacks filled with rich, fertile medium that has been used to grow trees successfully for 20 years. This enables the trees to get off to a fine start in one of the very best rootstock mediums.

Alder trees
Photo on left taken 2008, photo on right taken 2007

This is a great improvement on root-balling of trees due to allowing trees to be transplanted at any time of year although winter is preferable. The tree is allowed to continue growing at a very fast rate without the trauma and slowing of growth that root-balling can cause.

The size of the bags means that the tree can remain in this fantastic food rich environment during its first few years of life and as it develops its roots can spread and in doing so are discouraged from becoming pot bound.

But the best thing of all about obtaining a tree contained in this way is that once you have chosen the exact spot in your garden or on your site, where ever it may be, the whole bag can be planted so the fantastic medium remains with the tree meaning no uprooting and undue planting stress, so a happier tree all round….